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Devon complain on phone 02 6100 3099
Friday, March 24 2017 01:03 PM
Automated scam message purporting to be from a government debt collection agency.
Ryn complain on phone 1800 954 307
Friday, March 24 2017 06:46 AM
Called them and they remotely accessed my computer. Said that my computer has been infected. Told me it'll cost USD600 to fix that issue. Told them I couldn't afford it. Then he said there is another cheaper option which is to pay USD300 and said that there will be a once off fix but can't guarantee that the infection will not come back. Managed to google this in time to find out it's a scam. I hope my info will not be jeopardised.
Richard Margolis complain on phone 04 1972 4872
Friday, March 24 2017 05:52 AM
Received over 40 phone messages in 24 hours from this number saying from Telstra.
Anon complain on phone 02 6100 3099
Friday, March 24 2017 02:38 AM
This number rang and left a voice message on my mobile claiming to be from the Director of Public Prosecution representing ATO and that the police will knock on my door if I do not ring back directly on 02 6100 3099
mg1 complain on phone 1902 257 848
Thursday, March 23 2017 11:49 PM
Was charged $13 from this number by Telstra. They're advising it's a call about tax. Never used a number like that to call the tax office.
Mach complain on phone 02 6100 3099
Thursday, March 23 2017 09:07 PM
Left an intimidating message to call back
SiamakSattar complain on phone 02 8310 7949
Thursday, March 23 2017 08:34 PM
I am getting daily calls from this number but when i call it back it says it is disconnected.
Please help stop the calls.
Mandi complain on phone 1902 257 848
Thursday, March 23 2017 04:37 AM
I have received my phone bill and there are 8 calls made from my house to this 1902257848 number however, I did not make these calls I rang at 132 number which was the ATO at least 8 times and was put on hold. Is it possible it switched from the in the telephone exchange???

I do not know this number and have been charged $385 for 8 calls which totals $5.40 per minute.
Meredith K. complain on phone 02 9653 9966
Thursday, March 23 2017 01:30 AM
I Received call from unknown number in Dural around 4:15pm on a weekday. Caller started conversation saying they were from the Australian Support Network or something similar. And launching straight away into a question about my household make up & income to see if I "qualified". Preferring not to answer such intrusive questions, I politely asked the caller to remove me from the call list as I didn't like to receive such calls. The caller mocked me rudely saying, "you don't even know what I was calling about." I initially replied that I wasn't interested in being sold anything.this led to claims that it wasn't a sales call of any type. I still wasn't interested in revealing private details to a stranger. The person laughed harshly, exclaimed in amazement that I was weird, and hung up. I'd rather be labelled "weird" than have my privacy violated, and my time stolen by a rude and pushy caller.
Tano complain on phone 02 8019 4203
Thursday, March 23 2017 01:21 AM
Automobile Association (AA) - This is an accident scam. They try to convince you that you have had a minor traffic accident in the last twelve months and try and get you to pay insurance claim.

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