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Tim complain on phone 437 169195
Monday, March 27 2017 06:15 AM
Robotic voice asking me or my barrister to call before a police officer Dr turns up at my home or place of employment
Narelle complain on phone 1800 875 157
Monday, March 27 2017 02:19 AM
Claimed to be from Micro soft. Said my new computer was infected with over 900 viruses -started running an analysis - said transfer me to someone who would fix this but I would have to pay and it would take 60 - 90 minutes - became abusive and hostile when I started to question his motives - I said I did not want to continue - abusive again and told me to hang up but leave my computer on!!!
Koos complain on phone 02 6100 3099
Monday, March 27 2017 01:01 AM
SCAMMER - apparently from ATO
Someone Sensible complain on phone 02 6100 3099
Sunday, March 26 2017 10:15 PM
Clearly a scam. Report to & do not return the call.
Recorded message claiming to be officer John Smith from ATO. They threaten with legal action or arrest if the call is not returned.
Selim Reza complain on phone 1800 135 665
Sunday, March 26 2017 09:18 PM
I am sick of receiving call from this number. Thanks
Grahame Baptie complain on phone 08 1345 1357
Sunday, March 26 2017 08:54 AM
0813451357 appears everyday on our phone bill for 5 secs cost .40 cents - who/ what is this number.
Defender1 complain on phone 1800 958 307
Sunday, March 26 2017 04:26 AM
1800 958 307 : Re-routed numbers to a nasty and sophisticated call centre based in India that pretends to be working as or for Microsoft support team.( Apple computers are an easy target). They are FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. Those scums are installing malwares and viruses from popups or with bundles software as Adobe Flash. More importantly, Adult sites are 98% to be found as their favourite way of passing their viruses (eg: " DepFile " as host files). Your internet browser suddenly freeze and your computer is being frozen. Best way is to shut your computer down ( by pressing power button for 20-30 to seconds ...or, Press ESC continuously for 10-15 seconds ...or to make sure, unplug Your computer). Fear and stress will take over with messages saying that your computer has had a virus attack. Restart with a clean browser cache and a run of a antivirus if you have one. Talk to someone (to your local computer guy) if you are not reassured or still in distress.This is a free phone call number, that’s targeting Australian audience. Note that nothing has changed in your computer system but check if some extensions had been added to your browser.If you do a lot of surfing the net, always run Task Manager that can stop any further damage. Do not let those curry scumbags win.
Lynette K JONES complain on phone 1800 954 307
Saturday, March 25 2017 11:03 PM
As soon as I tell them I will report them to ACCC they don't want totalk to me Next time I ring them to waste their time I will mention the AFP as well.
Jeff complain on phone 04 2790 9699
Saturday, March 25 2017 10:34 PM
2 calls with pre-amble message that makes no sense?
Devon complain on phone 02 6100 3099
Friday, March 24 2017 01:03 PM
Automated scam message purporting to be from a government debt collection agency.
Ryn complain on phone 1800 954 307
Friday, March 24 2017 06:46 AM
Called them and they remotely accessed my computer. Said that my computer has been infected. Told me it'll cost USD600 to fix that issue. Told them I couldn't afford it. Then he said there is another cheaper option which is to pay USD300 and said that there will be a once off fix but can't guarantee that the infection will not come back. Managed to google this in time to find out it's a scam. I hope my info will not be jeopardised.
Richard Margolis complain on phone 04 1972 4872
Friday, March 24 2017 05:52 AM
Received over 40 phone messages in 24 hours from this number saying from Telstra.
Anon complain on phone 02 6100 3099
Friday, March 24 2017 02:38 AM
This number rang and left a voice message on my mobile claiming to be from the Director of Public Prosecution representing ATO and that the police will knock on my door if I do not ring back directly on 02 6100 3099
mg1 complain on phone 1902 257 848
Thursday, March 23 2017 11:49 PM
Was charged $13 from this number by Telstra. They're advising it's a call about tax. Never used a number like that to call the tax office.
Mach complain on phone 02 6100 3099
Thursday, March 23 2017 09:07 PM
Left an intimidating message to call back
SiamakSattar complain on phone 02 8310 7949
Thursday, March 23 2017 08:34 PM
I am getting daily calls from this number but when i call it back it says it is disconnected.
Please help stop the calls.
Mandi complain on phone 1902 257 848
Thursday, March 23 2017 04:37 AM
I have received my phone bill and there are 8 calls made from my house to this 1902257848 number however, I did not make these calls I rang at 132 number which was the ATO at least 8 times and was put on hold. Is it possible it switched from the in the telephone exchange???

I do not know this number and have been charged $385 for 8 calls which totals $5.40 per minute.
Meredith K. complain on phone 02 9653 9966
Thursday, March 23 2017 01:30 AM
I Received call from unknown number in Dural around 4:15pm on a weekday. Caller started conversation saying they were from the Australian Support Network or something similar. And launching straight away into a question about my household make up & income to see if I "qualified". Preferring not to answer such intrusive questions, I politely asked the caller to remove me from the call list as I didn't like to receive such calls. The caller mocked me rudely saying, "you don't even know what I was calling about." I initially replied that I wasn't interested in being sold anything.this led to claims that it wasn't a sales call of any type. I still wasn't interested in revealing private details to a stranger. The person laughed harshly, exclaimed in amazement that I was weird, and hung up. I'd rather be labelled "weird" than have my privacy violated, and my time stolen by a rude and pushy caller.
Tano complain on phone 02 8019 4203
Thursday, March 23 2017 01:21 AM
Automobile Association (AA) - This is an accident scam. They try to convince you that you have had a minor traffic accident in the last twelve months and try and get you to pay insurance claim.
scott complain on phone 02 6045 9068
Wednesday, March 22 2017 09:52 PM
They continually call and make false comments about me avoiding tax. then when i call back they want information from me, when i tell them i am not giving them information they tell me to "watch out scott" then "f*** off scott" and hang up

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