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Richard.C complain on phone 02 8091 0736
Monday, December 10 2018 08:57 AM
Robo call telling receivers that a warrant has been issued by the Australian Tax Office for their arrest if they do not return call to discuss outstanding debts
anonymous complain on phone 02 9356 4642
Monday, December 10 2018 01:42 AM
Potts Point Medical Practice, 90 Victoria Street Potts Point NSW

Usually a reminder call about appointment
Richard.C complain on phone 02 8091 0736
Sunday, December 09 2018 11:14 PM
Robo call telling receivers that a warrant has been issued by the Australian Tax Office for their arrest if they do not return call to discuss outstanding debts
David complain on phone 08 6165 9580
Sunday, December 09 2018 08:35 PM
Hang up when call answered
Kevin complain on phone 02 6176 1440
Thursday, December 06 2018 09:44 PM
they demand a call back or they will issue an arrest warrant
Lorelei Drake complain on phone 02 8091 5936
Wednesday, December 05 2018 05:27 AM
Threat: If I don't return the call I will be arrested.

Sounds like a computer generated voice
Barry complain on phone 07 3040 9966
Tuesday, December 04 2018 10:47 PM
Fraud call. Claims to be from the Australian Claims Center for car insurance.
Thomas Shipperlee complain on phone 02 8005 5937
Monday, December 03 2018 07:19 PM
While I didn't answer the call a voicemail message was left and it was a computer generated voice claiming that I had an arrest warrent and that I need to call back. Obviously thi is a scam.
Sonya Phillips complain on phone 1800 880 984
Monday, December 03 2018 07:08 PM
My 13-year-old daughter has been able to access to a premium service and 67.74 has been charged to my account without my knowledge. I have contacted my phone provider and put a stop to it, however, am concerned that someone as young as this may also be able to access x rated content through this method. I feel there should be a way that the account holder is contacted before allowing this content to be charged.
Thanking You
Sonya Phillips
Tracey complain on phone 04 9200 8251
Saturday, December 01 2018 01:19 AM
Caller from this number claims they are from Telstra and says our internet has errors and want us to go to our computer and they will walk us through the problem to fix it.
Get numerous calls, on landline and moblile, sometimes block number sometimes not.
Varun complain on phone 07 5641 1231
Monday, November 26 2018 07:08 PM
Called me and left a voice message saying some lost suitcase has been filed under my name. Called back, some guy picked up and said he is from ato and that i will be legally pursued and whether i have a lawyer. And when I said i would like to receive some documentation related to that before I can respond, he hung up.
Keith Cameron complain on phone 1800 936 380
Monday, November 26 2018 01:46 AM
This charge has appeared on my bill twice, one month apart and so I have barred it from Vodafone..Appalling that the service provider does nt provide more protection to its customers
Jenny McGrath complain on phone 435 120944
Thursday, November 22 2018 11:13 PM
This phone number rang saying they were Australian Paramedics... no such organisation.. selling advertising in their magazine...complete scam.
Bojan complain on phone 02 8311 2510
Thursday, November 22 2018 04:45 AM
Telemarketer , very persistent , please block! Thank you very much!
Julia Varas complain on phone 02 8091 7144
Thursday, November 22 2018 01:32 AM
This number is calling and trying to complete the ATO scam; they advised that there is a fraud, that the police are investigating me and that I owe money to the ATO which is false. They also asked me to call another number to clarify the details, which I didn't get.
Ian Hamilton complain on phone 04 5826 8469
Monday, November 19 2018 08:26 PM
When phoning it says it is an overseas call or the lines are conjested. Doesn't make sense.
John complain on phone 07 5530 7139
Monday, November 19 2018 05:32 PM
Received a call at 1:12am 20th Nov 2018. Just a ticking sound. No speaking. Listened for a while then hung up
Lynton J Brush complain on phone 411 046678
Friday, November 16 2018 03:43 AM
keeps calling me at around 6 .30 queensland daylight time ,computer generated voice then i hang up ,i am on the do not call list ,dosent seem to be working very well
sam complain on phone 07 5641 1471
Thursday, November 15 2018 07:25 PM
scammers pretending to be from ATO Audit office threatening lawsuit / arrest
JShort complain on phone 08 6102 8203
Wednesday, November 14 2018 06:35 PM
Let it go to voicemail and there is some automated e-mail saying call me back or we will issue a warrant for your arrest. Clearly some sort of automated scam phone number.

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