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Complaints for phone number 1800 997 997

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Tuesday, October 07 2014 07:27 AM
My experience is exactly same as Harry, Bobby and Mathew. This seems a scam. but Why they just want our phone number? didn't they want to sell their product?
Monday, March 31 2014 06:56 PM
I rang them & they asked my phone number by saying that their computer is playing up & did not get back to me. They getting the info only. Looks like a scam.
Thursday, April 04 2013 07:25 PM
I had the exact same result.

They flatly refuse to quote me even a ball park price for the product.

They just wanted my details & said I would be called back. To add insult to injury, they wouldn't even tell me when I would be called back---today, tonight, tomorrow?

This is an insult, & smells to high heaven of SCAM!!!

I'm on the "No Call List", but I can see by giving them permission to call I might somehow enable them to pass on my details to other telemarketers, who could then call me with impunity -- "No Call List" or not. After all I gave permission to be called.

Wednesday, December 12 2012 11:24 PM
a company that tells you they are experiencing a high number of calls, and ask for your name and number to call them back, then tells me they are open 24/7, but THEN goes on to tell me whenever i call i have to give them my name and number and get called back, i do not wish to give out my number, i would prefer to wait on hold to get a simple question (how much was the product i saw on a TV advertisement this morning, the price on the TV show was not given)

to be told there is no option to wait on hold? and i have to give out my name a number? bad way of doing business if you ask me, force the customer to give out their phone number before they are able to get the basic information, IE price of a product.

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