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Complaints for phone number 1800 443 881

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Wednesday, July 23 2014 05:36 AM
Hi, i got the same issue and i was advised it will be cancelled. my suggestion is you can call vodaphone as they can cancel it for you. otherwise, advise them you will report this to fair trading. this gloft company is dodgy. As bigger company, Voldaphone should not collect the money on behalf of Gloft. We have every right to ask for the money back as it is not rightly charge.
Leanne Granshaw
Sunday, June 22 2014 01:03 AM
I also did not ever subscribe to a Gloft monthly subscription when I checked with Vodafone why my bill was over my monthly plan amount a few months in a row they told me what the extra charges were for I rang the 1800 443 881 number and spoke to a consultant he informed me it would be cancelled within 5 days but I have another monthly charge this month and would like to know why and I want it cancelled immediately please! Regards Leanne.
Wednesday, June 04 2014 08:54 PM
I naver signed for this service. even never subscribe. every month they reduce money $7. i need money back. I dont even know what it is for. I want it can i stop?PLEASE LET ME KNOW/
Wednesday, May 21 2014 08:43 PM
I did not subscribe to Gloft. I have tried numerous times to cancel, with no sucsess. My only option seems to be to cancel my Vodaphone account.
Eli Vainbrand
Monday, May 12 2014 11:02 PM
I have never ever subscribed GLOFT MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION and now two months in the row they charge me $6.35 (total $12.70 already) please return my money back
Sunday, May 04 2014 04:57 AM
I have the same problem, i never subscribe for this service & vodafone keep telling me contact this 1800 number which says i am not subscribe for this service. I have warned vodafone if it is not fixed by tomorrow then i will take this matter further. End of the day its vodafone who is responsible for the network & services they provide. If any one has any solution please let me know. I am sick of calling them every month with mo solution.
shu chen
Monday, April 21 2014 08:28 PM
I haven't been used for this application. It automatically charges me $7 a month.
How can i cancel it. looking for advise.
M goyal
Monday, December 23 2013 03:39 AM
We r charged in account $6.35 for weekly subscription which we haven't had. I spoke to vodafone. They said contact 1800443881 . I contacted. But they replied no subscription made. Now I worried more. R they gonna charged every week. I m trying to do unsubscribe but helpless. I rang back to vodafone. No solution yet.
Sonia Tavakol
Saturday, December 14 2013 05:57 AM
I have been charged for this stupid subscription that I naver signed for, I dont even know what it is for. I want it stopped. Vodafone can not do anything.
Zahid Ahmad
Friday, October 11 2013 09:28 PM
I never asked for any sort of such subscription. But every month I am being charged for this subscription. I requested Vodafone to please deactivate any sort of such subscription. I would appreciate the investigation on this mater and refund please.
HUGE scam...
Sunday, September 22 2013 05:17 AM
HUGE scam
I am NOT paying the 380 of crap I NEVER even downloaded or ever heard of
Susanna Ugranics
Wednesday, August 21 2013 04:08 AM
I tryed to cancel a so called" Gloft monthly subscription " that we got charged to our Vodaphone bill. My son accidentally pushed some number not knowing they will charge each month. I am a pensioner and we don't use this service but after four months trying to cancel, we still get charged. I rang the number provided 1800443881, a background noise with children come through, he had a very bad english, when the person answered an he said he will cancel the subscription. Vodafone tried to fix it for me but they have the same problem. Today Nikita from Vodafone rang this number, they cut her off too. Nikita told me she will fix it next week. I hope she can. In the meantime I would appriciate your investigation on this matter. Thank you Susanna

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