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Complaints for phone number 02 9037 0830

There are 35 reported complaints for phone number: 02 9037 0830. Add your complaint

Neil McCaig
Sunday, February 12 2017 08:31 PM
Regular messages left at my work but on returning call it says "number not in service".
Thursday, August 21 2014 12:48 AM
I missed a call from 02 9037 0830 and I returned the call a few minutes later. If you have entered a competition online; whether is to WIN A CAR or WIN $300,000 CASH or something else, they are callers from the competitions calling you for a survey/questionaires and I did that.

I told him I am sceptical after asking him where are they from? when he told me they are Australian company but are based in South Africa and he speaks with a British accent. He said he tried to speak to sound like an Australian and I also told him he is nowhere close to sounding like Aussies. Before hanging up the phone, he said thank you and I replied thank you in Afrikaans, he gone silent for a while. I then said to him "you said you are from South Africa, you should understand what I just said". He just said bye and hung up.

If you do not want them to call you again, block the number. That is if they called you to your mobile. I'm not sure whether you can block the number from your landline's phone. Otherwise, you might have to call Telstra to block them.
Sunday, July 20 2014 08:43 PM
Have been calling me last week and today, I answered once and they hung up. I have blocked the number, easy to do on iPhone, in your recent calls next to the number will be a ! symbol, click on that and the option to block caller will be there.
Carol Wren
Thursday, July 17 2014 05:42 AM
4 times in the last 4 days and my number is listed on the do not ring me register. The caller says its in regards to an online competition, not to worry and they will ring back.
Thursday, July 17 2014 12:18 AM
I have a similar complaint to everyone else, this number keeps calling me but they're never there when I answer. Don't know who they are - don't care who they are.
Remedy? I answer the call and just leave them speaking to no-one. I do this to all unsolicitored calls. They generally stop calling soon after that....
Wednesday, July 16 2014 08:52 PM
Called me probably 3 times a day since Tuesday and won't stop. Various times of morning/night. Just thought I'd type the number into to the net and see who it was... have not picked up the phone to answer as I usually know if I'm expecting a call from interstate. Gold Coast Aus
Wednesday, July 09 2014 09:09 AM
I am getting calls on my mobile non stop. When I call back I hear a auto message, no real person. They have called me 6 times in 2 days.
Wednesday, July 02 2014 04:45 AM
Silence then a hang up. Blocked.
Monday, June 23 2014 09:48 PM
This number is a nightmare and no matter you abuse the sh** out of them no one talks on the other end. The best thing I suggest for Iphone users is tap on i button in your call list, scrol to the bottom and block this number.
So many people have been harassed and yet the DO NOT CALL register does not take action against this number and its owner.
Saturday, June 21 2014 01:48 AM
I have deleted about 10 calls from this number. My mobile and home phone are both on the Do Not Call Register.
Friday, June 20 2014 03:48 AM
Just had a missed call from this number so I rang it back to see who it was and the lady I spoke to said she could offer me a chance to win $300,000 so I politely told her where to go lol
Wednesday, June 18 2014 10:59 PM
Decline! Decline! Decline!
i'm on the
Do Not Call Register too .. 7 calls at all hours in one week!
how does this happen ??
Tuesday, June 17 2014 09:23 PM
get this number calling me all the time bloody idiots just hang up when ever i answer and you cant call them back cos they just hang up on you very frustrating wish they would take me off their call list
Thursday, June 05 2014 10:34 PM
I get up to 7 calls a day from this number, no one answers and when I call back no one it hangs up. who is this ?????????????
Thursday, June 05 2014 05:44 AM
They keep calling 2-3 times a day, I answer they hang up on me.
Thursday, June 05 2014 04:17 AM
Multiple phone calls from this number, when I answer there is nobody there. I called the number back and a voice mail message says "All of our agents are busy, someone will answer your call soon" it then just cuts off. I am in Sydney Australia.
Tuesday, May 20 2014 05:10 AM
I wish these people would bugger off, I don't want to do their bloody survey or what ever it is they are calling about. Please go away you are annoying the crap out of me.
Friday, May 09 2014 08:33 PM
Phoned me while I was driving, so I couldn't pick up. They have phoned me twice. I dont like getting calls from people/companies I do not know, do not want to hear from them. I registered my phone number on the do not call register but they still call.
Friday, May 09 2014 03:42 AM
This Number has been phoning. Finally they spoke and told me I'd won 600,000 dollars and 60 dollars in a competition.
Louise Tranter
Wednesday, May 07 2014 10:02 PM
Have been ringing me everyday when answered it just hangs up.
Wednesday, May 07 2014 09:11 PM
Im on the do not call register. This number calls me multiple times a day/night. I never answer the call. They nevrr leave a msg. When u call them back you get a voice recording
Tuesday, May 06 2014 01:56 AM
Won't stop calling, tried to call back and no company name and or voicemail service. Then hung up. Their end not mine.they also don't leave a message
Julie Wareham
Thursday, April 24 2014 09:55 AM
Had several missed calls from this number, tried to ring back but unable to speak to anyone.
Thursday, April 24 2014 01:00 AM
I have received multiple missed calls from this number. No voicemail is left, if I return the call I wither get an engaged signal or a machine asking me to hold .... then I am hung up on.
A google search has revealed that numerous others have experienced the same issue.
Not sure how they got my details, but I would like to register a formal request to have my number deleted from their systems.
Thursday, April 24 2014 12:03 AM
Yeh, got a call from this one today. I answered, and no sound at all...
Wednesday, April 23 2014 01:31 AM
Keep answer. Why?
Wednesday, April 23 2014 01:30 AM
They constantly call and yes.....hang up when I return their call. Who is it????
Tuesday, April 22 2014 06:14 AM
Won't stop calling, tried to call back and no company name and or voicemail service. Then hung up.
Thursday, April 17 2014 02:13 AM
Missed a call from this number, called it back got a lady's voice on voicemail saying please hold then call got hung up
Thursday, April 17 2014 12:07 AM
I have had 6 phonecalls from this number in the last 24 hours. They hang up as soon as I answer. If I ring back I get a computer saying all agents are busy then they hang up again. Sick of it
Monday, April 14 2014 03:37 AM
Had a phone call from this number today , i answered but nothing on the other end

i tried to ring the number back and all i get is a pre recording saying that all the operators are busy and to hold the line, then it ends the call
Sunday, April 13 2014 09:16 PM
I am at work and they are non stop calling. How do I get them to stop and who are they?
Friday, April 11 2014 01:05 AM
have received numerous calls no idea who they are do not want them calling they will not leave message and will not leave message and can not return call they hang up
Wednesday, April 09 2014 09:23 PM
Won't stop calling, tried to call back and no company name and or voicemail service. Then hung up. Their end not mine.
Michelle Private
Wednesday, April 02 2014 11:34 PM
Agency calling me up, would like them to stop contacting me and to erase my personal information from their database.

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