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Complaints for phone number 07 3606 0800

There are 106 reported complaints for phone number: 07 3606 0800. Add your complaint

a k
Friday, February 06 2015 03:14 PM
simply add to your 'block list' / 'block this caller' on mobile ph. only way to stop them.
Friday, December 05 2014 06:39 PM
I have received about 4 calls from this number, yesterday alone. No messages when I don't answer. Very annoying as work night and phone wakes me up. If they rin again and I answer they will be very sorry
Potato Head
Thursday, October 16 2014 01:05 AM
These calls are from a marketing agency called Pareto fundraising, that is contracted to several of the larger (and reputable!) charities. I was on their database due to an Amnesty International subscription.

Their head of marketing is Clarke Vincent (at - he is the person to contact if you wish to request and review the information they hold on you, as required under australian privacy laws. You can also request that you be taken off their contact list, I believe.
Wednesday, October 01 2014 02:00 AM
I receive calls from this number at least once, if not twice a week. When I pick up, the line drops out. If I call it, it just continues to ring.
Thursday, September 04 2014 05:40 AM
Since 27/8/14 I've had 6 calls from them. I did call back once and it's a charity. Today i've had 2 calls, when i answer they hang up. I've ignored 3 but from now on, I won't ever answer them.
There seems to be heaps of people complaining, but is anything actually being done about these nuisance calls?
Thursday, September 04 2014 02:42 AM
I get the same call, is there anyone we can report it to?
Monday, September 01 2014 11:51 PM
I get calls from this number daily sometimes numerous calls through out the day! They never leave a message and i wil not answer it. It's frustrating!
Wednesday, August 27 2014 11:36 PM
Have had numerous calls - never a voice mail message.
Feeling harassed - disappointing from a charity.
Wednesday, August 20 2014 10:34 PM
This number calls me every day and never leaves a voicemail. I am unable to answer as I am at work so not sure who it is or what happens if I do answer. I have an active voicemail account so if it is important enough to warrant several calls a day, they can certainly leave a message.
Monday, August 18 2014 10:18 PM
Oh no, they started calling me since yesterday! Add to reject list on my phone!
Friday, August 01 2014 09:51 PM
Calls from this number day and late evening. Also using land line which is on No Call Register. Who are they????
Krystle Pattel
Friday, August 01 2014 08:01 PM
Yesterday alone I had over 20 missed calls from them, I've had to block the number, I answered and spoke to someone I politely asked them to stop calling me and it has gotten a lot worse since I asked them to stop
Gayley baird
Thursday, July 31 2014 12:16 AM
Constantly calling!! At all hours (inc after hours), if I answer, it is automatically hung up on an I get an automated message if I call back!
Wednesday, July 23 2014 05:20 AM
These people ring constantly & always at mealtimes when they expect you will be home.we will not answer these nuisance calls coming from 07!!!!!!!!!
Monday, July 21 2014 05:41 AM
Calls everyday, IM sick of it
Friday, July 11 2014 01:41 AM
Receiving calls few times each day, unsolicited, some outside of business hours. Please stop.
Thursday, July 03 2014 11:58 PM
same thing Continues calls and hangups
Wednesday, July 02 2014 10:12 PM
Continues calls and hangups
Wednesday, June 25 2014 10:28 PM
Call up to 8 times a day for about 3 weeks now. They hang up when you answer. they don't leave a message. Annoying.
Anna Potter
Wednesday, June 25 2014 01:57 AM
Continual calls which hang up
Friday, June 20 2014 10:36 PM
If you ring it back you will get to a message service which mentions that it is "related to a charity you may have expressed interest in supporting in the past".
Friday, June 20 2014 04:53 AM
0736060800 Calling me once everyday for the past 5 days. GO AWAY. Can I block this number?
Tuesday, June 17 2014 02:26 PM
Calling my mobile phone at night, leaving no message, unknown caller
Dave Evans
Friday, June 06 2014 11:03 PM
Calling me everyday for the past two weekks. Had enough
Wednesday, June 04 2014 01:13 AM
Thanks everyone, I've added them to my blocked number list.
Tuesday, June 03 2014 04:37 AM
Constantly calling. When I answer they hang up. Always 6pm onwards.
Friday, May 30 2014 02:26 AM
Getting calls from this number pretty much every day. Even if I were to answer them (which I don't) they ring off before I would get a chance to. Nuisance calls!
Thursday, May 08 2014 02:36 AM
Calling me several times a week, sometimes several times a day! Won't leave a message.
Wednesday, May 07 2014 06:34 AM
missed calles from this number
Mieczyslaw Marian
Friday, May 02 2014 04:39 AM
Stop ringing my phone number if you keep doing it I will take it to the police
Tuesday, April 29 2014 10:00 PM
I keep getting calls from this number server all times a day!! I do not know anyone from that area code so I will not answer! Just stop calling me please I'm getting a little peeved off at these numbers calling me at anytime of the day and sometimes at night! JUST STOP CALLING
Tuesday, April 22 2014 04:04 AM
I receive. Call from this number every day it's been about 3 weeks.
Thursday, April 10 2014 01:08 AM
stop ringing my phone number if you keep doing it I will take it to the police
Tuesday, April 01 2014 10:32 PM
Nuisance charity call to my mobile. Unattended call if you ring back.
S Chalmers
Sunday, March 30 2014 03:45 PM
I've registered my phone number with the "Do-not-call register" but keep receiving phone calls from 0736060800 at least 3x a day. I've called back once but no one answered. I'm sick of being harassed by these people.
Jim Budwell
Wednesday, March 19 2014 04:33 AM
this number keeps calling and then hangs up. no answer when I ring back.
Wednesday, March 19 2014 03:25 AM
Absolutely SICK OF these people ringing my phone. I now have it listed as 'Do Not Answer' in my mobile but they persist.
Saturday, March 15 2014 01:11 AM
They have called me almost every day for the last two weeks without leaving a message. I don't answer numbers I don't know please disable this phone number!
Wednesday, March 12 2014 09:41 PM
If u do any kind of online surveys which are multiple question and they ask u questions like which charity would u donate money to? U may think its just a survey question but if u tick yes ur tellin them u want to donate and these survey people pass on ur details so then what ever foundation it is will contact u don't be sucked in to thinkin online surveys are just for people the earn dollars or get freebies there is always a catch and ur details get thrown around all over the net!!!
Friday, March 07 2014 03:58 AM
This number won't stop calling me! Grr. It's multiple charities, it must be a telemarketing company, how on earth did they get my number?
Thursday, February 20 2014 01:26 AM
This number is a right pain the A**!!! They call and call and actually hang up in my ear. How can we stop this?
Monday, February 17 2014 10:45 PM
Sunday, February 16 2014 07:01 PM
this number keeps calling my mobile no. v annoying
Ross Waters
Wednesday, February 12 2014 07:45 PM
Have received several calls from this QLD no. previously, & no-one speaks. Another call yesterday, girl asks for me, claims she's from Taronga Conservation Society, & that I'd expressed support for conservation in a recent online competition. I got suspicious & said goodbye. Checked number was the same as before. Obviously a scam...BEWARE!
Ross Waters
Tuesday, February 11 2014 02:46 AM
Above No, keeps calling but no-one replies when I answer. Like other complaining people I recently answered an online survey & must have given some contact info.
christine b
Tuesday, February 11 2014 01:22 AM
I continually get call from this number!1 i work night shift and these guys are nothing but a pest!!
Thursday, February 06 2014 07:56 PM
Continually bugging me with hang-ups. Thanks to the iphone tip below, I think I've nailed it. Shame really. Makes you never want to donate to charities ever again. When will they learn...
Jeffery D'souza
Wednesday, February 05 2014 10:51 PM
Danny from this no. said that he was calling on behalf of Cancer Council and I made a donation of $150 with my credit card. How do I stop this payment being processed.
Wednesday, February 05 2014 08:10 PM
they are pests for sure. blocked!
Friday, January 31 2014 07:20 PM
They have called me every day for the past 2 weeks, sometimes multiple times a day. When I call back it says the number is unavailable or just doesn't work...and when I answer they hang up straight away.
Really annoying
Friday, January 31 2014 12:08 AM
Same goes for me. Thanks for your suggestion Pauline. I have followed it
Thursday, January 30 2014 09:08 PM
Today once again received 5 calls in a row on my mobile this isn't the first time My mother has also been getting calls from this number Can anything be done about this.
Wednesday, January 29 2014 02:08 AM
This is number is "Recovery from Stroke" association... She started talking about that I filled in some competition blah blah blah and I said 'i didn't apply for anything, I'm not interested in this' she then said 'you aren't interested in recovery from strokes?' I said 'no definitely not' she then said 'that's the strangest answer I've ever heard' and she hung up .. Very rude!
Monday, January 27 2014 10:26 PM
unsolicited calls which I don't answer. Now thanks to this info I have blocked the number on my iphone. Thanks. PS I also put this phone number on the "do not call" list but that doesn't seem to have worked.
Thursday, January 16 2014 11:51 PM
Sick of this number it always calls me and hangs up or when I try and call back it says call faild
Harshini de Alwis
Tuesday, January 14 2014 11:54 PM
Received more than 25 calls from this # during the past 1 year. When I try to phone it back, it's always engaged. Absolute harassment.
Tuesday, January 14 2014 10:32 PM
Rec'd calls:
Fri 10 Jan 2014 7:51pm
Tue 14 Jan 2014 11:16am
Wed 15 Jan 2014 2:27pm

Sick of it!
Tuesday, January 14 2014 05:26 PM
Same as all the other complaints listed.
Luckily I have an iPhone so have taken the advise listed here and blocked their number.
Tuesday, January 14 2014 12:56 AM
This number calls and hangs up when i tried calling back "call failed" harassment for sure
Solange Williams
Tuesday, January 14 2014 12:07 AM
Sick and tired of these phone calls
Friday, January 10 2014 01:24 AM
They keep calling me, saying that they'dare with the cancer council and asking for my bank account details. They have called me 5 times in the past week, 2 times in the same day even at 6 at night.
Thursday, January 09 2014 09:38 PM
I have received about 10 calls from this number in the last two months. I just don't answer the call. The first time I did, they hung up on me.
Wednesday, January 08 2014 01:43 AM
This number called me, when I finally got through there was a horrible sound and I have no idea who they are as they have failed to identified themselves or state the purpose of their call.
Monday, December 23 2013 02:18 PM
I dont want these calls ANYMORE
J Weekes
Thursday, December 19 2013 11:46 PM
Have also been getting this call several times now. If I answer it hangs up, I call back and it's engaged... Can someone please investigate this and see what the issue is and who is causing this?
Lindsay Tiller
Thursday, December 19 2013 04:03 AM
Calls house and mobile constantly and hangs up when I answer but I can not call the number back, surely this is harassment.
Thursday, December 19 2013 12:36 AM
Has rung 8 times in the last 9 days - tried calling back and it doesnt ring at all
Wednesday, December 18 2013 05:10 AM
thank you whoever put this info up xo
I have also recieved calls from this number all i can say is if you have an iPhone go into the info icon next to the number on your recents list and block caller down the bottom of the page, hope this helps :)

It worked for me x
Thursday, November 21 2013 08:43 PM
Keeps ringing. Leaves no message on Message Bank. No idea where they are from. When tried to ring number from a Silent Landline number, it rang engaged.
Thursday, November 14 2013 09:25 PM
I have been getting calls on and off for the last three months. I don't answer as I am at work when they call. I wish they would just leave me alone. I sponsor a few charities, but I am getting to the stage where I am not going to even bother anymore. All the responses I have read all sound too familiar, except I haven't had the late night calls yet and no home phone anymore, thank god.
Kate Bettison
Thursday, November 14 2013 03:03 AM
This number used to call me a lot, it stopped and now it's started again. Three times a day at least and for over a week now. They don't say anything if I answer and their phone number doesn't work if I ring in an attempt to tell them to get lost. I can't block it as I have an older iPhone...With so many complaints surely something can be done? But what??
Friday, November 08 2013 07:05 PM
They have been calling for 4days straight and when ever I call back, there's no answer! Today I finally answered their call and they hung up straight away! So annoyed with whatever the hell this is.
Thursday, November 07 2013 11:52 PM
Thanks to the person who said how to block this number from my Iphone

I have receieved many calls from this number, I have rang back but just get a recorded message that says something along the lines of a charity.

This is most annoying as they never leave a message
Wednesday, November 06 2013 12:54 AM
I'm getting calls from these guys. How do I stop it?
Tuesday, November 05 2013 03:44 AM
I have also recieved calls from this number all i can say is if you have an iPhone go into the info icon next to the number on your recents list and block caller down the bottom of the page, hope this helps :)
Tuesday, October 29 2013 02:52 AM
This number has now called me 8 times this week and 6 the week before. I was receiving double the amount of calls a few months back so I called them back and told them to stop calling me. It stopped for about three months and has started up again at all hours of the day. I'm very annoyed.
Thursday, October 24 2013 11:45 PM
This number has called me at least twice for the last 3 days! its driving me nuts, I cannot call it back to tell them where to shove it and to stop calling! does anyone know how I can block it?
Thursday, October 24 2013 11:35 PM
It told me that it a number from cancer council and I gave them my credit number. Later I found out the person lied to me and I had to cancel my card!
Thursday, October 24 2013 03:40 AM
Please stop calling. I support a number of charities and I do not appreciate these calls.
christine morris
Thursday, October 17 2013 10:23 PM
Every day this number is calling me on my mobile, i would like it to stop otherwise i will be going to the Federal Police, im sick of it.
Monday, October 14 2013 04:51 AM
I keep getting calls from this number and when I call it back my number is block, but when I answer they dont say anything and then hang up wtf? If it is for a charity why are they not say talking?
Wednesday, October 09 2013 04:41 AM
It's a company after money for a charity that you previously supported. A few years ago I supported the cancer council and they called from that number.
Wednesday, October 09 2013 03:08 AM
had a call from this number 09.10.2013. tried to return call but my number was blocked
Friday, September 27 2013 01:18 AM
this number continually rings and I can not find out who it is to stop it
Wednesday, September 25 2013 02:00 AM
Calling me twice a day for the past 5 days. GO AWAY. Can I block this number?
s tanser
Thursday, September 19 2013 12:03 AM
This number calls my mobile several times a day. It is not appreciated and I wish they'd stop! I've now added it to my contact list so it comes up with the title "Pests, DO NOT ANSWER" so I know not to pick it up!
Tuesday, September 10 2013 01:46 AM
Called my mobile today did not leave a message and when I tried to call the number back it wouldn't connect
Lauren Rutter
Thursday, August 29 2013 02:57 AM
Keeps calling me and not leaving messages. Sometimes four times a day.
Monday, August 19 2013 10:28 PM
Wednesday, July 31 2013 06:16 AM
The number always calling me too is making me scared because one of my friend told me if someone called then if you answer with in 3second all your list phone or bank account or so and so they copy it. I hope this is not
Saturday, July 27 2013 06:01 PM
This number has called me twice a day for the last month and has now started calling at midnight and waking the whole family up. FFS leave us alone.....
Thursday, June 06 2013 04:43 AM
Calls twice a day, similar to the other comments, very annoying.
Wednesday, June 05 2013 07:29 AM
Calling every day, doesn't leave a message. Very annoying.
Thursday, May 23 2013 04:12 AM
This number now calls me on my mobile and my home number. When it gets to message they don't leave any.
I am changing my numbers and will never again give my details to any such orgs. Sorry. All charities support and donations just by check from now on.
Wednesday, May 15 2013 05:15 AM
This number calls me regularly. No-one there when I answer. Sometimes it calls twice a day.
Monday, April 29 2013 01:15 AM
Only got a phone call today I answered cause I live in Queensland but all I got when I answered was a dead line and no answer from them.
Wednesday, March 20 2013 02:44 AM
This number has called me over the last couple of months getting more frequent as time goes on. It's not a number I know and so I do not answer. On google I discovered many people with similar complaints and have found the origin to be a group charities donation thing. However for this giving individual and many others - it's not appreciated!
annoyed charity supporter
Thursday, March 07 2013 10:33 PM
Please stop calling me!!! Especially during working hours. I am a dedicated supporter of a dozen charities. These calls just make me think I shouldn't...
Tuesday, February 19 2013 06:48 AM
I'm getting the constant calls to my mobile they don't leave a message and when. Answer they hang up.
Tuesday, January 08 2013 10:47 PM
Keep calling both my home and mobile, you answer and jet no responce.
Friday, January 04 2013 03:46 PM
I had two of these calls yesterday and am really annoyed. Both hang ups. The second call said 's*#t' when I answered, like he was disappointed that I answered. Whats with that?
Monday, December 17 2012 08:28 PM
Have received two phone calls today no answer both times just hang ups
Tuesday, October 30 2012 11:19 PM
Recorded message saying they are calling on behalf of a charity I have supported in the past. Number of repeted attempts is huge. Don't forget if you give them money most will go to them and very little to the charity.
Tuesday, October 23 2012 10:49 PM
Call several times a day. I don't answer but they keep calling.
Nicole Kerrison
Thursday, October 18 2012 01:55 AM
Calls multiple times a day on both phones, when I answer they hang up. Very annoying.
Tuesday, October 16 2012 10:06 AM
Keep calling and hanging up, really annoying, can go up to 6 calls per day. Calls every other day, and many complaints have been made by many others:

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